Neo is an ecosystem developer for the Watr blockchain, bringing the tools and liquidity of the Decentralized Web and DeFi to the physical resources society consumes.

NEO brings together giants of energy, mining, agri and trading, and gives them a home on the blockchain, with verifiable identities, clear guardrails, and regulated accountability.

The Common Digital Protocols for Commodities

The Common Digital Protocols for Commodities

The first legally compliant, self governing, open Web3 platform with verified identities where regulated institutions and retail buyers can buy, sell and trade.

DLT Exchange

A DLT exchange with AMM and Order book technology

News & Appearances


Watr launches ESG-oriented blockchain for commodities, partners with Algorand
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Smarter Markets

“An energy maverick’s vision for tokenizing the entire supply chain and its footprint”
Check out Maryam’s interview with Smarter Markets’ Erik Townsend

HC Insider with Clint Nelsen

Listen to Clint share a blockchain 101, focused on how this technology, tokenizaiton and smart contracts has the power to revolutionize commodity trading by lowering transaction costs, boosting liquidity and giving the mechanism to track and trace a range of ESG attributes.


ESG oriented blockchain wants on-chain ‘nutrition labels’ for every commodity exchanged
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Join us in building a future to live in.

Join us in building a future to live in.

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